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Some people who have been saving up for a watch will be disappointed by the price increase, but if you're looking for a Rolex, it's a safe and sound investment this year. And we would say that any price you can get from a genuine dealer should be seen as a buying privilege. You'll be pleased to know that buying a pre-owned Rolex from a reputable dealer like us is much easier than buying a brand new Rolex yourself At our new High Street boutique in Epping, we have a large selection of models for you to admire. While you may think the initial outlay is expensive for your new addition - if you manage to get a brand new watch - there is always the hope that over time its value will increase. If it comes in a box and has the original paperwork, it may indeed be a great investment. When Lady Datejust was introduced - a chronometer ...... a watch with certified precision for date display, the Swiss brand said it was inspired by audacity." It addressed not only technical challenges, but cultural ones as well. This watch will help promote the independence of women. It is an uncompromising creation that blends style and the precise measurement of time." As Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex, put it." Ladies want the best of both worlds: a small watch and an accurate movement. However, the smaller the watch, the more difficult it is to be precise". We have to admit that Rolex, the leading brand in the pre-owned market, has raised its retail prices by an average of 3.4% - which is reflected in the US prices on the official Rolex website. For many models, this represents a jump of several hundred dollars, with some models costing more than $2,000. While we would normally expect price increases for most years, this year's price increases depend on the model, with classic models like the Day-Date seeing the smallest average price increases and specialty models like the Daytonas and GMT Master II seeing the largest increases. Clearly, Rolex watches have been rising in price for decades and are now more expensive than ever - but the trend shows no signs of slowing down. People have more money to spend due to ban restrictions and a soaring market, suggesting that demand for watches is outstripping supply, sending people to third-party dealers. The waiting list is now a decade long, and new pieces are becoming harder to find as prices climb on the pre-owned market. Last September, Rolex claimed that ". Our current production cannot fully meet existing demand, at least without compromising the quality of our watches, and we refuse to do so because the quality of our products cannot be compromised. The Rolex Lady Datejust has certainly established itself as a classic feminine timepiece, with different materials, colors and markings. With so many faces, it has become a model that is still sought after today. Fancy a fluted, domed or diamond-set bezel? What about the dial - sparkling pave diamonds or the color of mother-of-pearl? Are the markers simple or jeweled? In 2021, Rolex introduced a new sparkling replica rolex Lady-Datejust in 18ct yellow gold covered with diamonds - 158 brilliant-cut diamonds on the case sides and lugs; 44 set on the bezel. There are another 291 on the dial, and 596 on the President's strap. Despite its small size, it is extremely solid inside, thanks to its case made of Oystersteel or 18-carat gold. It is also protected from water thanks to a winding crown equipped with a double water resistance system. It is even highly resistant to shocks and magnetic fields! Its internal movement is caliber 2. Its in-house movement is the caliber 2236, which holds many patents and boasts incredible precision with negative or positive daily deviations and a power reserve of 55 hours. The movement includes Rolex's Syloxi silicon hairspring, which provides stability in the face of temperature changes or shocks. By purchasing a pre-owned Rolex Lady-Datejust at a price close to its market value, you are able to get a higher rate of return. For this reason, we always recommend that you invest in a pre-owned, well-maintained watch, preferably with its original paperwork and box.

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